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You have a beautiful mind. Mind it!  By guiding you towards a deeper understanding of who you truly are, and the awesome power of your thinking, your mind is offering you the gift  of renewing your life, of living it to the full.

The efforts of this little book can be wonderfully successful, a tonic for your spirit, a healing for your heart, a setting-free of your precious mind.  It therefore carries the promise of a happier life.

Beyond medication, beyond expensive ‘talking therapies’,there are many common sense, DIY-type guidelines for healthy thinking that are blessing the quality of life for millions.  A good friend, your anam-cara (the ‘soul-friend’), is always a huge blessing.  This small book offers a wise counsel that has restored the light to many eyes.

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The bestselling author of The Happiness Habit

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  1. Janet Cholwill

    The Healing Habit by Daniel O’Leary is a masterpiece, a real treasure. It is one of those rare books that you want to keep at your bedside forever. The reason for that is it’s what I might call a “slow” book. Sometimes one paragraph is so deep, so concentrated, that you stay with it, mull over it and store it in your heart. And this is exactly what O’Leary wants in giving us this gift. In fact, Part Two of the little book (just over 100 pages) comprises 52 meditations, one for each week of the year. So it’s a book that will literally take you a year to read.
    O’Leary’s foundational thought in this book is that the gift of healing is already within us, but we need new habits of the mind (“healing” habits), as well as a fresh understanding of how the Holy Spirit works in and through our human frailty, to unleash that healing power.
    Larry Kaufmann CSsR

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