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The prophets make up about a quarter of the Old Testament. We may be familiar with them from the readings we hear in church. They have had a huge influence on subsequent history, and especially on the world of the New Testament. Yet we know little about the authors of these words, or the times in which they lived.
Richard Atherton’s book takes us behind the exotic names. It guides us through the works of the individual prophets, setting each one vividly within the historical background in which the prophet’s words were first spoken. Their voices were heard at time of crisis and tragedy in the lives of their people, and the prophets often faced suffering and loss themselves as they followed their calling to proclaim the word of the Lord. Their experiences, and their words, are still relevant to the world of today.
This book enables us to meet the prophets and grow to know them. And it aims to draw us ever closer to “the One in whom all prophecy is fulfilled – Jesus, the Lord”

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