AT HOME IN THE MYSTERIES OF CHRIST : the grace of the Rosary

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If you have been a life-long devotee of the Rosary, or if you are coming back to the Rosary after a long break, or if you are feeling attracted to the Rosary for the very first time, you will find in this book, At Home in the Mysteries of Christ, great encouragement, enlightenment and a new desire for a deeper, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In the Rosary, we contemplate the love and mercy of God the Father, now made manifest to us in the person of Jesus his son; we ponder too the presence of the Holy Spirit through whose power Jesus was conceived in his mother’s womb, performed all his great works of mercy, offered himself for our sake on the cross and rose triumphantly from the dead; we become more aware that the risen Jesus has given us that same Holy Spirit when he established his Church on earth. We contemplate all these mysteries of Jesus through the eyes of his Mother Mary as we pray the Rosary. All our great saints and mystics tell us that the Rosary is the great Trinitarian and Marian prayer of our Catholic tradition. It is a spiritual treasure. That is why the subtitle of this book is The Grace of the Rosary.

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