The Year of Mercy parish missions moved from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town at the beginning of September. Here is some of the feedback from St John’s parish at Maitland.


“The mission has been like a breath of fresh air – but I suppose that’s how we should describe the Holy Spirit! I came to the mission because I had to do something about my spiritual life. It was dry and arid and I have been going through this desert experience for years now. I was blowing hot and cold. I felt directionless. The benefits of the mission will unfold in the days and weeks ahead. My prayer is that I will continue to seek His face; His guidance; His mercy and above all, His love!”

“The mission has provided a building block for the next part of my life’s journey. Through it God has affirmed my walk thus far and pointed out the direction forward. The Healing Service not only brought healing to me but enabled me to ‘stand in the gap’ for my family and friends. The Penitential Service provided a solid base from which to monitor where I falter and how to manage and confess my sins and interactions with all.”

“Lord, these have been days of grace, support and renewal for me. Thank you for the priests you have given us to help us on the way. It’s not always easy for them, not meant to be easy – the narrow not the wide path. Lord, send us more good holy priests!”

“Father Larry …… travel well. Continue to do the AWESOME work that you do. And remember, wherever there is a bed for you on missions, that will be your home!”

“I was at your Healing Service on Tuesday evening. I was brought along by a friend who is a member of this parish. I know she invited me because she knew I needed healing. I went and I was overwhelmed with joy, and the Holy Spirit was there too and in me. Lord, bless my sister in faith who brought me to the mission. May we continue to inspire and encourage each other.”

“Father Larry, the mission came at just the right time as I felt I was ‘drifting’. Monday night’s meditation listening to the questions of Jesus made me realise that I needed to make better choices in my life. Thank you to Father Zane our parish priest for making this happen.”

“I am currently attending adult faith classes. By God’s grace I will be confirmed next year. Pray that God will lead me to where He wants me to be in my work, my marriage, and my destiny. Pray for my husband that he sees me as a person and not as an object.”

“The mission days made me calmer, but also excited as I waited for the next day. I have a long journey to travel as at times I lose sight of God’s purpose for me. Father Larry, may you be continuously blessed on all the other missions you still have to do. Thank you for building a warm foundation on which our parish can continue.”

“I am in my 80s. In my humanness I’ve been inclined to think of what others have done to me. In retrospect I can now look back over my life, thanks to this mission and the Healing Service, and ask myself: have I done enough for others?”

“Thank you for the wonderful ways you opened my mind and my heart during this mission. I so appreciated the healing of memories and the penance service. In fact, your approach to the sacrament of penance has put so much into perspective for me. Thank you for the spiritual uplift and the re-focus on the works of mercy.”


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