During August, Father Gary George and Brother Ronal Balase joined me for Year of Mercy missions in Port Elizabeth. Fr Gary is a South African born Redemptorist ministering in the USA with the Maronite Rite of the Catholic Church. Brother Nosi is a Redemptorist student from the Philippines doing his pastoral internship year in South Africa. Here are some of the written comments which people generously shared with us after the mission.


“The healing night spoke to me directly. I thought I was free but I realised that night that I still held onto destructive memories. Thanks for the inspirational words to make me totally free. For me it was a deep personal experience of God.”

“Your teachings, homilies and your presence this past week was phenomenal. Every evening was different, with different perspectives, feelings and experiences. Nothing should be changed in your programme!”

“This week was one of the best and most blessed weeks of my entire life. I have now taken a meaningful look at myself. As I watched the candles being lit one by one on the altar on the final night, and saw the flames growing higher and higher, I realised that I too can become the light of Christ. I sense that flame now in my spirit.”

“I didn’t realise I was so angry and had so much pain until this mission. With my sick husband at my side throughout the mission, I found myself becoming more and more open to the work of God in me. The open confession did me the world of good and I bawled my eyes out. Dear mission priests, you are blessed by God. You did wonders for me, filled my heart with love and understanding, and I’m sure for many others as well.”

“I’ve been spiritually sick for a long time, suffering from the sins which I committed in my past life, and also feeling guilty of what was done to me as a child, but during the mission God tells me I’m his beloved child. He loves me as I am, even as he challenges me to get out of my comfort zone and walk, as I heard in the healing sermon.”

“What an awesome four days of mission. Not only meaningful but spiritual at a very deep level. I could feel the Spirit moving within me.”

“I had been in a dark tunnel, but during the mission I started seeing the light on the other side.”

“I have never felt so close to God and from this mission I have decided to give my heart and soul to God and follow in the footsteps of Jesus.”

“The mission was a truly great experience, like when someone is sleeping and one throws cold water over that person. Wow! It gives you a fright but wakes you up and refreshes you. Your message did just that – awakened me.”

“How I wish – and I know I speak for many others – that this wonderful experience of truly discovering the depths of God’s mercy could have gone on longer! You have all been God’s gifts to us and his love shines out of each of you and touches one’s soul.”

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